Not sure which IELTS English exam you should take? We are here to help you!

The British Council Chile offers several types of IELTS exam which cater for different needs. With the help of IELTS, you could start a new life abroad in the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom or Australia to name just a few, secure your dream job or simply demonstrate your improved level of English. In short, you should choose your exam according to what you want to do. 

Before booking your IELTS English Test, be sure to check the suitability of the exam with the organizations concerned as well as the level of the exam. 

Types of IELTS exams in Chile

Woman holding a booklet about IELTS English tests in Santiago Chile with the British Council.

IELTS Academic Exam | IELTS Chile

Prepare yourself for higher education.

Take this test if you wish to study at an undergraduate or postgraduate level or if you wish to work as a professional in an English speaking organisation.

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A man and woman speak in English to prepare for their  IELTS exam with the British Council in Chile.

IELTS General Exam | IELTS Chile

Demonstrate that you are have the ability to use English in an everyday context.

IELTS General Training: take this English test to study at a pre-university level, work in or migrate to an English speaking country.

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Man smiles in front of London's Tower Bridge after successfully taking his IELTS UKVI exam.


Study or work in the United Kingdom.

This IELTS English exam is specifically targeted at those requiring a visa to enter into the United Kingdom in order to work, study or live.

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Woman takes her practice IELTS English test online in Chile remotely.

IELTS Indicator

IELTS indicator is our new online exam which you can take from the comfort of your own home in order to help you to continue your preparations for your IELTS exam.

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Format of the IELTS exam - You can take your English exam Paper IELTS or Computer IELTS in one of our official examination centres in Chile. Regardless of the format, the content and structure of both exams will be identical. The only difference is that you can choose between writing your responses on a computer or on paper.

IELTS Online

There are different ways to take your test. You can choose to take IELTS Academic in a test centre on paper or computer, or remotely with IELTS Online.

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