Student preparing for her IELTS English test by taking a mock English test.

Prepare for your English IELTS test with our free online mock exams for IELTS UKVI & Life Skills. 

Feel more confident about taking your exam by improving your skills through completing our mock exams. Our practise tests help you to familiarise yourself with the format, style of questions and tasks included in the exam. We reccommend that you take your exam in timed conditions so that you can recreate exam conditions with the time constraints. You can also check and correct all of your answers using the answer sheet with model answers and examiner's comments. 

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Mock exam - UKVI Academic (Computer)

Candidates who choose this option should be taking Listening, Writing and Reading in the computer format. 

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Mock exam - IELTS Life Skills

The British Council offers advice from experts on how to prepare for Life Skills.

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