This video explains the vocabulary aspects of the IELTS Speaking test, including lexical combinations (wide range and appropriate use of vocabulary), connotations, paraphrases and the use of less common vocabulary. If you are interested in the other three criteria, please visit their corresponding section:

To improve the lexicon we recommend these steps:

  1. The broader the lexicon you demonstrate, the higher the score will be, for this reason we recommend you use different applications where you can learn in a fun way.
  2. Read in English to increase your vocabulary, it can be books, newspapers, or magazines.
  3. Make mind maps to group new vocabulary on a topic of interest.
  4. Learn synonyms.
  5. Make use of mnemonic devices, having the word on one side and the definition and an example on the other.

You should be prepared for the format of the Speaking test and know what kind of questions to expect in each section. We have practice tests and IELTS Coach to prepare you for the exam.

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