Una chica participando en el curso de inglés del British Council para niños y niñas de 7 a 14 años.

Primary Plus is an English language course which will spark your child’s imagination, enabling them to express themselves with confidence. 

Immersive classes with expert teachers to boost English speaking skills

Happy learners make confident speakers!

  • By prioritising speaking English, your child will rapidly gain the confidence to speak in the target language whilst also having fun.
  • Small class sizes help our highly qualified and passionate teachers to give your child more personalised attention and tailored feedback.
  • Children are able to interact and bond with their classmates, creating a more enjoyable learning environment.

Developing the life skills your child needs for their future

Your child will also develop leadership, teamwork, and critical thinking skills in a relaxed environment where they can be themselves.

  • Children will regularly work in groups or pairs to practice speaking, problem-solve and work together on projects with a focus on real-world topics like the natural world and the environment.