Student taking her IELTS English test on paper with the British Council Chile in Santiago

Information and advice about the day of your IELTS exam

It is possible that you are a little nervous about your exam. So that everything goes as well as possible, we have compiled all the necessary information to help you to understand what will happen on the day of your exam.

You will need to arrive on time for your exam. You will receive an email with the starting time at least a week before the exam. The email will provide you with information about the proceedings and timings of the day of your exam. If you are late for your exam, you may be unable to sit the exam.

If you have requested special provisions because of a disability or illness, the necessary modifications will be carried out so that you can take your exam on the agreed day. Contact our staff in the examination centre six weeks in advance.

Your speaking exam can be taken on the same day as the other sections of the exam or up to a week before or after. You will receive a notification in advance if your oral exam takes place on a different day to the rest of the exam.

The British Council takes your safety seriously

Your safety is our priority when you take an IELTS exam with the British Council. As an additional measure, all participants will have to have their photo taken with the administrative staff on the day of their exam. Make sure that you have checked the instructions which you have provided when you reserve your place for your exam. Some examination centres can also scan your fingerprint.

All watches are prohibited in the examination hall. You will have to leave your watch with your belongings in the secure cloakroom. There will be a clock in the examination hall. 

Make sure that you are prepared by eating or drinking something before your exam. You will not be able to consume any food in the examination hall and you will only be able to bring with you water in a transparent bottle.