EFL teacher and student using an app to aid organisation skills and autonomy

The project involves researching practice during students´ design and development of an app that could work as a specialized IT glossary to be used by other students in a  school in Buenos Aires. Following the guidelines of Agile methodologies, particularly 'Scrum', which "aims to harness the power of self-organizing, autonomous, engaged teams" (Watts, 2013) who take responsibility for the tasks they carry out, students are asked to select the tasks they will be involved in according to their knowledge of English, software development, and their own interests. The project is expected to lead to varying degrees of improvement in reading comprehension, writing, speaking and metacognitive skills, since the students will have to do research and document advances and make reflections regularly.

Planned action research allows us to analyze the impact of school subject integration (English and IT), horizontal class organization and students´ decision making on motivation and performance to identify the factors that seem to show the best results for the English class at this school.

Paula Miniño is the team leader for this project.

Mentored by Magdalena De Stefani