Young student smiling in a bilingual school using blended learning

This action research investigates the impact of blended learning in a bilingual primary school in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The implementation of an online educational platform meant a shift in understanding of the processes of teaching and learning in our context. This innovative application involved the active participation of the school’s community including heads, teachers of English, parents and students. During this practice, some of the ten participants showed some resistance to change but then could recognise the positive aspects of this technological instrument. The results show that the use of the platform gave a boost to learners’ motivation and participation in discussions, games and challenges. Nevertheless, there is still room for improvement since there were certain limitations connected with time, school facilities and access to technology that hindered the smooth execution of the project.

Lead teacher-researchers: Mariana Acosta Guimaraes and Paula Trejo

Mentored by Dario Banegas