EFL teachers participating in mentoring scheme which guides them through fostering writing skills

The purpose of this study is to help three teachers by guiding and coordinating their work while they promote the writing skill by applying the P-Q-E technique and assess the effectiveness of formative teacher-written feedback on the rewrites of their EFL learners in years at two state schools in Argentina. The three teacher mentees will implement Action Research (AR) in their classrooms, while the teacher mentors will be collaborators cooperating and providing meaningful support. 
Having identified that the writing skill is a problematic issue among most secondary state school learners, the teacher coordinators conducted several workshops to raise teacher mentees’ awareness of what AR is. Due to its practical, problem-solving aspect, its on-going nature and its connection with the notion of effectiveness, AR will be implemented by teacher mentees as the research methodology for the present study to help their students become independent writers. 

Mariana Serra and Silvia Severino (individual ARAS winners from 2016–17) are mentoring the three teachers in this project.

Mentored by Carlos Rico