EFL teacher works on student's pronunciation through videos and recordings

This Action Research (AR) project aims to help teachers scaffold their students’ oral production through the design of appropriate classwork. The focus is on details of materials offered in class, instructions, positive feedback and timely intervention, specific and carefully described evaluation, rubric design and students’ oral production analysis by means of videos or recordings. After each AR cycle, new aspects of teachers’ practice will be revised and redesigned.

Set in a Vocational School in Uruguay, the project explores if students who are basic users of English (Common European Framework A1) at the beginning of the course, comply with a CEF A2 oral interview and if students with an elementary level of English in March/April (CFE A2) comply with a CFE B1 oral interview, after attending 250 hours of English instruction framed by the genre theory based on SFL.

 Laura Flores is team leader for this project.

Mentored by Magdalena De Stefani