Teachers in rural areas working together to improve their practices

Language policies in Colombia, particularly the ones related to the teaching of  English, has brought lots of challenges to teachers, especially to those who teach in rural areas where access to professional development programs, technology, and/or materials is very restricted. This project has been designed to establish a peer dialogue with English teachers in rural areas to help them inform, through action-research, their teaching practice. Three main goals have been proposed: 1) Give teachers tools to conduct action research on their own context and needs 2) Bring to the surface the cultural capital teachers have accumulated 3) Get teachers’ reports published in HOW Journal or ASOCOPI Newsletter.

Fifteen teachers  from rural schools in Boyacá and Cundinamarca (Colombia) have been invited to be part of this project under the guidance of four mentors who are members of the research groups PROFILE and ESTUPOLI.

The project is led by Carmen Helena Guerrero.

Mentored by Melba Cardenas