Teacher helping students to reflect on their performance

The need to understand and improve professional practice appears to be inherent in every educator. This was the motivation behind making up a team of researchers, some novice and some more experienced. We wanted to make further sense of what we do as teachers and also to make a contribution to the community of Educators.

We engaged in Reflective Practice with a view to find out whether research that was data-based, collaborative and concrete offered a way forward in teacher development (Walsh and Mann, 2015). Each pair of researchers looked into a different focus of interest and simultaneously explored the value of Reflective Practice: our common focus of study.

The members of this Buenos Aires based research team include (in alphabetical order): Leonor Corradi, María Laura García, Camila Goldin, Gisela Ippólito, Rosario Le Pera, Mercedes Pérez Berbain, Valeria Plou, Florencia Sainz Polo, Lucía Scaramuccia Ferrari, Nelly María Soneyra, Camila Viña and Lucía Viviani.

Mentored by Dario Banegas