English teachers participating in Aptis mentoring - Call for proposals from teachers

Teacher-research groups – apply now for support!

Groups (of two or more people who have some experience of teacher-research already) are invited to apply now for an award of £1,000 to support the development of further teacher-research among teachers in their institution, teacher association or other local community or network. There are likely to be six such awards across Latin America and one representative of each award-winning group will be expected to report on the group's progress at the Teachers Research! conference in Buenos Aires on 22 April 2017 (travel and accommodation will be paid for separately by ARAS for this one representative, if sufficient progress has been made with the project by the end of 2016).

We are hoping to support projects where:

  •  Mutual support and/or mentoring for teacher-research is provided;
  • There is a clear picture of who the group members are, what their various roles are, and what the group is aiming to achieve;
  • There is a clear plan, with a schedule of activity explaining clearly what group members will be doing month by month;
  • Existing work is both built on and extended in some way;
  • The group has already been working together in some way, or forms part of a bigger well-established group (e.g. teacher association)
  • The group leaders have some experience of teacher-research and, ideally, of mentoring others;
  • The group welcomes teachers who are new to teacher-research;
  • The group appears likely to survive beyond the lifetime and funding of the project;
  • The proposed budget shows that the money awarded will be spent for research-related purposes.

Note: teacher-researchers in the group do not need to be all researching the same topic.

If you are in a group or wish to form a group which will support teacher-research, please do apply, even if you feel you do not meet all of the criteria above – no one group is likely to satisfy them all!

Leaders of the groups awarded funding will be expected to maintain contact with an assigned ARAS core team member, report to them on progress during the year, and submit a final written report by the end of June 2017. 

The deadline for applications, using the application form provided, is 12 August 2016. Applicants will hear about the success or otherwise of their application by 30 August 2016.

Completed application forms should be sent to aaron.rogers@britishcouncil.org.co