Timmy sentado con todos sus amigos con texto que dice Learning Time with Shaun and Timmy

Aardman Animations Limited

Timmy and his friends are now online!

Bringing you the best of our English learning methodology to the comfort and the security of your homes in Chile, our online program has been specially adapted to be able to deliver the same quality and entertainment in order to achieve an entertaining and meaningful learning environment online.

Our classes for children aged 2 to 6 years old take place on Zoom with our expert teachers and additional security measures to keep your children safe online.

For our Primary Plus course, classes take place on an interactive platform designed especially by the British Council facilitating participation in an engaging educational class context. 

Learning Time for children aged 2-6 years

Our Learning Time online English course consists of 3 thirty minutes online sessions. Classes take place at various different times Monday to Friday. Classes are designed with small group sizes in mind, therefore there is a maximum class size is 6 students.

Children will receive additional support material sent by their teacher which helps them to consolidate their learning through additional practice and revision.

Primary Plus Online for children aged 7-12 years

Like our face-to-face English course, Primary Plus online consists of 2 one hour classes a week, taking place at various times during the week. The maximum class size of 8 students facilitates interactions between the teacher and students to create fun and engaging lessons.

Additional English learning material can be found on the learning platform and will also be sent by our Primary Plus teachers in newsletters so that children can continue their progress in English outside of the virtual classroom. 

Engaging and safe learning with the British Council

We prioritise the safety of your children in both in face-to-face classes and online.

Discover our security measures for our online courses:

Zoom platform (Learning Time):

  • Our zoom classes are designed so that classes cannot be recorded by students.
  • In order to access our classes, students require not only an entry code but also an additional security password craeted by proxy.
  • Students are automatically sent to the “waiting room", meaning our teachers will only accept the students registered for the course. Therefore, if an unknown person were to attempt to join a class, they would not be able to do so.
  • The British Council uses a corporate account for Zoom classes, since we are registered as a company on the platform we enjoy additional security measures. 

English online platform (Primary Plus):

Developed by ETONEx, experts in online learning platforms.

  • Unique usernames and passwords for each student within the platform.
  • The teacher is able to immediately remove any "intruder" who accesses the platform, if it were to be hacked.
  • When removing a user from a class, a security report is generated immediately within the platform. After the session the teacher must submit a report explaining why a user was removed from the class.
  • Full control of student commands.
  • The chat has a function to prevent vulgarities from being seen by other users.